About Us

‘JH Baits was established in 2014 By Jason Holden’

After over 25 years of Carp Angling behind me and memories of the smell of Mum’s kitchen whilst bait making as a child, I decided it was time I put the years of experience into more creating my own Bait tailored exactly how I want it.

In the tough word of Carp Fishing, bait quality seemed the obvious route to find that edge over other Anglers we all strive for.

After countless hours experimenting with proven quality ingredients that I had become familiar with over the years, many combinations of Liquid foods and flavors and endless hours spent on research I finally came to a point where I had a Bait that I was happy with, more importantly a Bait that was working on a regular basis.

A Bait that not only has the power to attract Carp, but also a Bait that is very high in nutrition and will only get better with time as it becomes a daily food source for the fish.

Knowing exactly what was going into my own Bait, that no corners where cut regards quality and quantity of ingredients gave me a massive confidence boost I had never had before. It wasn’t long before I was regularly receiving excellent reports back from a handful of Anglers with impressive captures, who had kindly tried the Bait on their own waters for me.

I finally gave the Bait its ultimate test on Two of the most difficult waters in the UK, (Kingfisher & Swan lake on the Bluebell Complex). The results I had were more than I could have hoped for at such an early stage. The first three sessions on both lakes the Bait produced fish for me over 30 lb in difficult times when other anglers where struggling to get bites.

Since then it became clear I was onto a real winner. After receiving lots of email's and requests from fellow Anglers and Friends wanting to get their hands on some of my Bait, KLF and JH Baits was formed! ‘Jason Holden’.

Since 2014 JH Baits has gone from strength to strength and the company prides itself on developing nothing but the finest Carp baits available today, something that many of our customers say is a massive breath of fresh air.

All the range of products for sale are the exact Baits with the same quality and amount of ingredients that goes into my own personal Bait. You can be confident you are receiving a high quality Bait at a reasonable price!