Nuti-B ATOMS Hard HookBaits.
Nuti-B ATOMS Hard HookBaits.

Nuti-B ATOMS Hard HookBaits.

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Nuti-B Hard HookBait ATOMS.

"ATOMS" have multiple layers of soluble Liquid Attractors & Highly Attractive powder Additives plus boosted flavour levels of Condensed milk , Coconut and our secret Nuti-B liquid. The layers of attraction breakdown over a period of time leaving your Hard hook bait Surrounded by Ultimate Nuti-B Attraction that Carp find irresistible.

Nuti-B Atoms are made from our Original Nuti-B Hard Hookbaits with the layering process added afterwards, Until the Layers have broken down the Hookbait will be slightly larger than the stated Size stated.

Available in 15mm & 18mm 120g per pot.

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